General features

  • Select between 3 license options and a free trial version
  • Set up studies quickly and easily
  • Get direct and inexpensive user feedback
  • Manage studies in a secure enviroment (SSL)

Creating a study

  • Upload sitemap as csv–file
  • Add/edit/delete categories online, unlimited navigation depth
  • Specify tasks and answer items
  • Define 1 or multiple answers items per task
  • Create a unique study URL
  • Enter the number of attempts per task: 1–5 or unlimited
  • Select a study language (English or German)
  • Enter the text for welcome–, instructions– and thank you page
  • Or: copy text from templates (English and German)
  • Upload your study logo for the test environment
  • Preview your study before publishing

Running a study

  • All participant actions are tracked
  • Participants can go back to a superior category when coming to a deed end
  • Participants can skip tasks
  • Participants can enter comments

Take part in a test study.

Analyzing a study

  • Analyze results by tasks and/or by participants
  • Download result matrix as a html–table that you can import in MS Excel

Get numbers and percentages for...

  • How many participants found the correct answer?
  • How many participants found the correct answer in their first attempt?
  • How many attempts did they need?
  • How long did they need?
  • How high was the break up rate?
  • What navigation paths did they take?
  • In what step of the correct navigation path did you lose most of the particpants?


"C–Inspector helped us attain statistics for senior sponsors supporting what we assumed. The statistics provided were very comprehensive and overall easy to understand."

Matt Peers, Screen Media Lab Birmingham City University

"C–Inspector is quick and easy to set up and could provide you with invaluable insight how your users navigate information."

Mark Britton, Marketing Strategies 101

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