Pricing overview

C–Inspector is available in a free trial version and 3 different license options. Register for the trial version now! In your account, you can upgrade to a licensed version of C–Inspector anytime.

Costs free $ 99 * $ 219 * $ 599 *
Subscription period 30 days ** unlimited 3 months 1 year
Unlimited no. studies (max. 1) (1 study) ***
Unlimited no. test users (max. 5)
Unlimited no. categories (max. 50)
Unlimited no. tasks (max. 5)
Export results
Secure SSL connection
Privileged support
Logo integration

* Price without VAT (for EU customers with a valid VAT number and non-EU customers). 19% VAT will be applied to German customers. Credit card payment is preferred. The clearing is processed by PayPal in a secure environment. Other payment methods for example direct bank transfers can be discussed.

** The subscription period is valid for 30 days which means that you can create and publish studies within the given time frame. When the subscription period is over, you can still login and access running and closed studies, but you are not able to edit studies in work or create new studies.

*** Once subscribed to the single study license, you can raise the limitation of 1 study by purchasing additional single study licenses (Study credits).

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